Welcome to Pacific ITF Taekwon-Do! Taekwon-Do is the most dynamic, and powerful martial art in the world. Through science and logic, and research into the physical dynamic of the human body, a Taekwon-Do practitioner is capable of learning how to execute a proper technique, and exactly where that technique will be most effective. A punch is not always just a punch!
Pacific ITF Taekwon-Do is dedicated to teaching the original Taekwon-Do system, as created by the founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi, Hong Hi. Pacific ITF Taekwon-Do is a member club of the International Taekwon-Do Federation, or ITF. Which was also created by General Choi, and his son Grand Master Choi, Jung Hwa, is the current president.


Pacific ITF Taekwon-Do was founded on a very basic principle, to spread the teachings of General Choi Hong Hi and his successor Choi Jung Hwa.  At Pacific ITF Taekwon-Do we seek to develop correct technique and create martial artists who embody the essence of what General Choi was hoping for in his lifetime. We are a family run school and encourage parents and children to train together, we created Pacific Taekwon-Do to help bring families together and help exercise while having fun.